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Local, affordable high-quality Mexican food — with a twist.

Ooba Tooba Mexican Restaurant & Grill




What's Ooba Tooba?

Husband and wife team, Craig Johnson and Lisa Tarleton, and Craig’s brother, Mark Johnson, created Ooba Tooba Mexican grill. The three wanted to open a restaurant that they would frequent – one that had fresh, flavorful food at affordable prices – and a changing menu so that frequent visitors wouldn’t get tired of the same thing.

The three realized their combined love of South American flavors - so they took a trip down south to explore the food and culture of Brazil. It was after this trip that Ooba Tooba was born.

Named after a beach north of San Paulo, Brazil (spelled Uba Tuba), the Johnson’s opened Ooba Tooba in Redmond, WA in 1997. Serving authentic Mexican food with a twist of South American flair, Ooba Tooba’s is a fast-casual Mexican restaurant that serves a variety of entrée’s with fresh ingredients and unique flavors that customers crave.

Ooba Tooba has three Eastside locations: Bellevue, Factoria, and Redmond, Washington.